What is Passolig?

Passolig is a personal and official card, required to enter any Turkish fooball game by the Turkish Football Federation. The card must be purchased from the official site of Passolig. Electronic tickets are transferred to this card before the event. Passolig card holders can access the stadium with both their physical card or using the mobile Passolig app.

Can I purchase tickets on StubHub if I don't have Passolig card?

Yes! In this case, after your purchase on StubHub, you will have to apply for your personal Passolig card at this address: Once you have correctly requested your Passolig card, you will be able to receive your tickets, even though you still don’t have the card in your posession. All attendants need to have a personal Passolig card in order to receive their tickets.

Do I have to pay to get the Passolig card?

Yes! The Passolig card requires an annual fee. This fee can be different per team.

Which games can I attend with my Passolig card?

You can attend all of the home games of your team. Remember that you must have the right Passolig card corresponding to your team. For away games of your team, you must buy tickets from the “Away fans section”.