Player transfers

They become protagonists every summer. There are those who cost real fortunes, while many others come into their new clubs with a free pass in hand. The players are perhaps the most important assets of the business. Be that as it may, the period of transfers between clubs must be completed by the last minutes of August 31st. Which leagues do Premier League teams prefer to recruit from? Which European league invests more in transfers within its own championship? Discover in Goalnomics how players are transferred between leagues in the market’s latest transfers.

Cash flow and market players in the summer transfer 2016

Player and money transfers

Flows from left to right represent the money or the players (you can swap selection) transferred between leagues in the last transfer market. Hovering over the various streams, you can explore the amounts of money or players concerned.

Player streams
Money streams
Most expensive signings (Summer 2016)
Buying club Selling club Price
1 Paul Pogba Manchester United Juventus €105M
2 Gonzalo Higuaín Juventus Napoli €€90M
3 Hulk SIPG Zenit €€55.8M
4 John Stones Manchester City Everton €€55.6M
5 Leroy Sané Manchester City Schalke 04 €€50M
6 Granit Xhaka Arsenal Borussia M'gladbach €€45M
7 Henrikh Mkhitaryan Manchester United Borussia Dortmund €€42M
8 Sadio Mané Liverpool Southampton €€41.2M
9 Shkodran Mustafi Arsenal Valencia €41M
10 Joao Mário Internazionale Sporting Portugal €40M
Premier League


The English League alone signed the highest number of players from the German and Spanish leagues. Premier clubs have imported 11 Bundesliga and 14 La Liga players.


Domestic market

Serie A is the championship to have invested the highest share of its expenditure in transfers within the same league. The Italian clubs have spent 51% of their money this summer to recruit players from their rivals in order to fight for the Scudetto (Italian Championship Cup). Next comes Bundesliga with 46.7%, followed by the Premier League with 36.6%, and La Liga with 30.7%.

Serie A

Most transfers

Serie A is the league with the highest number of transfers in the market. A total of 175 players chose to jump onto the Italian fields to play the 2016/17 season.



The Premier League has the lead, with the highest percentage of players taken from foreign championships. The English clubs have signed a total of 63 players from other leagues, which represents 55.3% of the total signed players.

La Liga

14 calciatori

A total of fourteen Serie A players have packed their suitcases to move to La Liga, in the current market transfers. In other words: nearly 11% of the new transfers who have made the Spanish teams this summer come from Serie A.

Average price


The League with the highest average transfer prices paid by far is the Premier League. English clubs have spent 12.2 million euros on average in transfers. Almost triple the average Bundesliga has paid for its players: 4.5 million euros. Followed by Serie A (3.9 million euros), and La Liga (3.8 million euros).

Manchester United

The most expensive transfer in history

This summer was marked by the most expensive signing ever in the history of soccer. His name: Paul Pogba. Price: 105 million euros. Paul Pogba will be playing in Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United.

Other leagues


La Liga is the championship with the highest percentage of its budget invested in signing players from other markets (outside of the Spanish, Italian, English and German circuits). Precisely 40.8% of its total investments in transfers this summer. Followed by Bundesliga (39.6%), Serie A (38.5%), and Premier League (25.8%).